Desde el CICyP compartimos las novedades para el mes de diciembre del Pacto Global:

News & Updates

Chief Executives Lay Out Concrete Plans to Put Global Climate Agreement into Action at COP 22

More than 100 high-level business leaders and investors met with leaders from Government, civil society and the UN in a show of resounding support and commitment to taking action on the Paris Climate Agreement at the COP 22/CMP 12: High-Level Meeting on Climate Change (17 November, Marrakech).

Participants mapped out plans to accelerate climate action and increase low-carbon investments at the country level. Business representatives shared proposals on how the private sector can support and reinforce national climate priorities on mitigation and adaptation and highlighted the inextricable link between addressing climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN Global Compact announced a new solutions platform, Pathways to Low-Carbon & Resilient Development, to mobilize the private sector to catalyze country-level action to meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.


200 Companies Commit to Science Based Targets, Surpassing Expectations for Corporate Climate Action

Just 18 months after its launch, the Science Based Targets initiative announced (16 November, Washington, DC) that 200 companies have committed to set emissions reduction targets consistent with the global effort to keep temperatures well below the 2-degree threshold. In the past year, the initiative has seen a growth rate of over 2 companies per week committing to set science-based targets, far exceeding the project’s timeline and signaling that climate action has gained tremendous momentum in the private sector.


Executive Update: How do we fill the gap?

On the heels of the Paris Agreement coming into force on 4 November, COP 22 is the moment in history where we must, and we will, decide: What happens next? Lise Kingo discusses in her latest blog.


Update: Removal of Non-business Participants

On 31 October 2013, the UN Global Compact introduced a biennial disclosure requirement for non-business participants called the Communication on Engagement. Any organization that does not submit a timely COE is considered non-communicating and risks expulsion if a submission is not received within one year of the deadline. As a result of the entry into force of the Communication on Engagement policy, 2,174 non-business participants were delisted from the initiative on 31 October 2016 for failing to meet this disclosure requirement. This action has enhanced the integrity and quality of the UN Global Compact participant list by removing non-business signatories who had not met the minimum requirement for ongoing participation in the initiative.

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