Desde el CICyP compartimos las novedades para el mes de enero del Pacto Global:

News & Updates

Annual Letter to United Nations Global Compact Participants

Nearly two decades ago, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan created the UN Global Compact with the purpose to “give a human face to the global market.” In her Annual Letter, Lise Kingo affirms our founding mission is more important than ever, and outlines the launch of our 2030 Vision and Global Strategy.

Sustainable Business Can Unlock at Least US $12 Trillion in New Market Value, and Repair Economic System

A new report from the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, comprised of more than 35 CEOs and civil society leaders, reveals that sustainable business models could open economic opportunities worth at least US $12 trillion and create up to 380 million jobs a year by 2030. While the opportunities are compelling, the Business Commission makes it clear that radical change in the business and investment community is needed.

Executive Update: A fragile moment for human rights

Lise Kingo cautions against the rise in attacks against human rights defenders and civil society organizations around the world, and outlines four key steps companies can take to respect human rights.

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